21 בדצמ׳ 2009

מניפסט תנועת הפועלים wpi= worker communist party Iran

The revolution that has started since June 2009 is the outburst of the repressed anger of the people against the criminal Islamic regime of Iran.
This is a revolution for liberation from a corrupt system,
for smashing a machine of murder, plunder, ignorance and lies which has been wrecking the lives of the people for thirty years. This revolution will not stop until it has crushed the entire inhuman system in power
המהפכה התחילה בחודש יוני 2009 והיא התפרצות ישירה של זעמם של המדוכאים כלפי המערכת המשחיתה של שלטון הרפובליקה האיסלמית איראן . המהפכה לא תיפסק עד להפלתו של המשטר הלא-אנושי.

But this revolution is not just about the liberation of the people of Iran from the Islamic nightmare. It is not even just a source of hope and inspiration for the people in Islam-stricken regions.
This revolution speaks from the heart of the people of the world
המהפכה אינה תוצאה ישירה בלבד של שחרור אנשי איראן מהמהפכה האיראנית. היא מקור של תקווה והשראה גם לאנשים בארצות שאינן מוסלמיות.  המהפכה מדברת מליבם של האנשים אל העולם.

Fundamentally, it is a revolution against a dark period identified by the offensive of the New Right and the New World Order; September 11 and the rise of political Islam;
and the War on Terror and conflagration of the world in the war of terrorists.
A period which by the metamorphosis of the human being through religion, ethnicity and nationality, by defining the relations amongst members of humankind as the Clash of Civilisations, and by denying the universal rights of the human being by the notion of Cultural Relativism has in fact imposed a Postmodern Middle Ages on humanity.
The Iranian revolution is in fact the voice of the Third Camp against this regression of the bourgeoisie of our age. It is a voice that shouts “Freedom, Equality, Human Identity”. It is for this reason that songs have been written for this revolution from around the world, and Neda has become a hero of the people of the world
המהפכה היא כנגד הסדר העולמי החדש שנוצר בעולם שאחרי 11.09
ועלייתו של האיסלם הפוליטי. קולה של המהפכה זועק : "חופש, שוויון, זהות אנושית".

The Iranian revolution is, first and foremost,
against religious and Islamic rule.
It is deeply secular and opposed to the rule of ignorance,
superstition and the clergy.
In this respect it is pursuing,

With the victory of this revolution,
not only will religion become completely
separate from the state and the educational system,
but any privilege,
law and tradition giving the religious apparatus the right to
interfere in social life will also be abolished
עם נצחונה של מהפכה זאת יופרדו ענייני הדת מהמדינה באופן מוחלט.

Religion will be pushed to the sphere of voluntary choice and private beliefs of adults.
Official religion will be abolished,
and the hold of religion on society and social affairs will be ended.
Thus, for the first time, genuine freedom to have or not to have a religion will be established. The Iranian revolution has already,
in a practical way, delivered its severe censure on the appeasement of political Islam by European and Western governments and the shameless reversal on secularism.
The anti-religious revolution in Iran is the beginning of a new Renaissance in human history.

הדת תהפוך להיות בחירה אישית ופרטנית של בוגרים.
יוקם משרד רשמי לענייני דת  וחזקת הדת על ענייני הממשל והמדינה תסתיים.
תהיה אפשרות בחירה , חופש להיות דתי או חילוני. במישור המעשי,
צנזורה חמורה מוטלת על ידי האיסלם הפוליטי.
המהפכה האנטי דתית האיראן תהיה תחילתו של עידן חדש , רנסנס להיסטוריה האנושית.

The present revolution in Iran is a “women’s revolution”,
not only because it is immediately against sexual apartheid
and a misogynist government,
and not only because women and girls are at its forefront in fervent demonstrations and street battles, but also because the maxim “women’s freedom is a measure of society’s freedom” is increasingly etched in the consciousness of the masses of the people.
The unconditional equality of women is the inviolable decree of the present revolution.
This revolution is another step forward in the efforts of modern humanity for liberation from vile gender slavery.
From the October 1917 Russian revolution to the women’s liberation movement in the West; from the women’s demonstrations in Iran against the veil in March 1979 to thirty years of women’s resistance and protest against Islamic veil, discrimination and humiliation – these make up the backbone and inspiration of the present revolution in Iran.
The victory of the present revolution will not only have a phenomenal impact on the status and struggle of women in Islam-stricken countries,
but will also advance the women’s liberation movement in the world as a whole.
המהפכה הנוכחית באיראן היא מהפכת נשים 
מכיוון שהיא יוצאת כנגד האפרטהייד המיני והממשל המיזוגני.
התפקיד שנטלו הנשים במהפכה הרוסית בשנת 1917 
,ובהפלת השאח הפרסי בשנת 1979  והסבל שעברו הנשים במהלך 30 שנות של הפלייה והשפלה - 
כל אלה מניחים את הקרקע למהפכה הנוכחית באיראן.
המהפכה תקדם את מעמד האישה לא רק בארצות מוסלמיות, אלה בעולם כולו.

The revolution in Iran is about freedom.
The realisation of the most radical and human definition of individual,
civil, cultural and political freedom is the immediate task of the ‘Twitter’ and ‘Facebook’ generation which has risen up in revolt.
עניינה של המהפכה הוא חופש.
.הגשמתו של חופש לאינדיבידואל- 
חופש תרבותי ופוליטי עבור דור הפייסבוק 
והטוויטר אשר קם על מנת למרוד

It does not accept any restriction on freedom of
expression, assembly, strike and organisation or other political freedoms.
It does not recognise any boundaries for the freedom to criticise
לא תתקבל כל הגבלה על חופש הביטוי, ההתאגדות, 
החופש לשבות או להתארגן.
לא תתקבל צנזורה על תרבות , אומנות, ספרות
והחופש האנושי לפעילות יצירה.

. It does not accept any censorship on culture, art,
literature and human creative activity.
It is against any interference of the state or any official authority in the private lives
- including in the sexual relations and preferences - of members of society.
Not only should political prisoners be freed, but the very notion of political prisoner should be abolished.
This is a revolution against the death penalty
and all brutal or Islamic punishments.
It is not only against Kahrizak,
but also against Guantanamo
and its corresponding political culture
- from shock therapy to rape and torture,
 which have been elevated to official tools of the state.
מהפכה זאת יוצאת חוצץ כנגד עונש מוות
כנגד קחריזאק , גוואנטמו , אונס, עינוי, ו"תראפיית השוק
This is a revolution not only for cultural liberation from Islam,
dictatorship and any backwardness and recourse to “one’s own culture”,
but stands for a global, human and modern culture
מהפכה זאת יוצאת כנגד שחרור תרבותי מהאיסלם
הדיקטטורה ולמען חופש גלובאלי, אנושי , למען התרבות המודרנית

. In this sense, the nearest counterpart of the Iranian revolution are the 1960s’ and 70s’ civil rights movements in the USA and Western Europe, with the difference that this revolution along with Marx goes further than “civil society”,
and aims for a “human society” or “social humanity”.
המהפכה הזאת היא תגובה עוצמתית לחברה מוכת עוני הנשלטת על ידי פרזיטים

מטרתה היא לשים קץ לעוני, לאי תשלום משכורות עובדים
והפער בין מיעוט של מיליונרים לבין המון של מדוכאים
החיים מתחת לקו העוני

This revolution is the powerful response of a
poverty-stricken society to the ruling parasites.
It is a revolution for abolishing poverty,
unemployment and the appalling gulf between the life of
a billionaire minority and that of the great mass of
deprived people living under the poverty line.
This is a revolution not only against non-payment of wages
of millions of workers,
but in essence against the very sale and purchase
of human creative power and the rule
of blind and brutal market laws on people’s lives.
This is a revolution for putting
an end to drug addiction, prostitution,
the plight of working street children, homelessness,
depression, suicide and all that is the result of the poverty running amok in Iranian society.
This is a revolution for “livelihood and dignity”, for “bread and roses too”.

מטרת המהפכה היא לשים קץ לעוני , לזנות, לדיכאון,לניצול ילדי הרחוב- למען חיים בכבוד ולחם ושושנים.
Thus the present revolution in Iran is about the liberation of the human being in all political, social, intellectual, cultural and economic dimensions.
This is a revolution against all false identities for the human being, be it religious, ethnic or national, and ultimately for putting an end to the division of people into classes. This is a revolution for human dignity, for happiness, freedom, welfare and equality for all in the enjoyment of the material and intellectual riches of social life
. It is indeed a revolution for reclaiming the will of the human being, in both individual and social capacities.
In one word, as we said from day one, this is “a human revolution for a human rule
זוהי מהפכה האנשים למען האנשים
למען שים קץ לעבדות המודרנית
מספרטקוס לג'עקובינס
מהעובדים בפטרוגראד-
קו ישיר מחבר ביניהם לבין התנועה
בת זמננו

זוהי תנועה אנטי קאפיטליסטית
של המילניום השלישי.

Thus the revolution in Iran links up with great efforts in history –
from Spartacus to the Jacobins of the French Revolution,
from the Paris Communards to workers of Petrograd,
from the councils of the 1979 revolution in Iran to the
anti-capitalist movement at the start of the third millennium,
stretching from Seattle to Rome.
The Iranian revolution is fundamentally against modern wage slavery,
whose time has long been up, and which for its survival has needed to resort to religion, superstition, torture, prison, terror, and the nuclear bomb.
This slogan of Tehran’s students expresses the foundations of the Iranian revolution: Socialism or barbarism!
סיסמתם של הסטודנטים בטהראן מבטאת 
את יסודות המהפכה האירנית
סוציאליזם או ברבריות

The triumph of the revolution of the people of Iran over the Islamic Republic will open up a new chapter in the world and will be a new stepping stone for putting an end to class history and for the start of genuine human history.
The Seventh Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran calls on the people of the world for a more enthusiastic and resolute support of the Iranian revolution and people. The Congress sends its greetings to women, youth and workers in Iran and calls on them to join the ranks of the Party for the victory of this revolution and realisation of this Manifesto.
מעובד מתוך מניפסט תנועת העובדים הקומוניסטית של איראן
5-6 דצמבר
Adopted unanimously by the Seventh Congress of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI), 5-6 December 2009


Please print, publish and publicize this Manifesto as widely as you can. Your solidarity with the Iranian revolution and people is needed more than ever. For further info, contact WPI branches in a city near you or the central office directly: markazi.wpi@gmail.com Full e-text of the Manifesto available on WPI website & blog: www.worker-communistpartyofiran.blogspot.com/ www.wpiran.org . For info on ongoing and planned solidarity actions around the world, visit: www.iransolidarity.org.uk

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